Which Turkish

General Turkish 

It covers A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels. It is evaluated for general Turkish use and university education after completing C1. Some universities consider a B2 to be sufficient to start, but require a C1 until graduation.

Academic Turkish

C2 level is academic Turkish level. Education is given in three groups: health sciences, social sciences and natural sciences. Required for postgraduate education. Academic Turkish education is necessary in order to read Turkish texts correctly, to speak and listen Turkish correctly, and to write Turkish as accurately as a Turk.
Business Turkish

It is necessary for those who do business in Turkey or with Turks. Training is given as private lessons according to the needs in various business lines. If the group is formed, the class opens. Artists, athletes, exporters and importers benefit from this course. It is easy to engage in any business conversation and correspondence after studying Business Turkish.

Ottoman Turkish

Ottoman Turkish lessons are given to individuals or groups for naskh, rik'a, thuluth, divani and celi divani texts. Lessons are carried out by distance education, just like Turkish lessons.


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